Enterprise Application Portfolio Management

Business Requirement

A Fortune 100 financial services company planned to rationalize its entire portfolio of 5000 applications from the perspective of business value, enhancement potential, cost and technology risks. They needed a framework that could be used to score, rank and categorize all the applications every year for the purpose of annual budget planning and wanted to groom its architectural leadership in the process.


We were brought in to first develop and document the Application Portfolio Management (APM) framework that was to be used by every business group IT to evaluate its own portfolio of applications. There were six business groups within the company. The total annual budget for the entire enterprise-wide application portfolio, including the impacted underlying infrastructure, was over a billion dollars. After specifying the framwork and documenting it in a 200 slide deck, we took over the leadership of running the first iteration of the APM process and included individual business group's architectural leadership in respective teams. This helped in educating them for taking over future iterations of this continuous assessment process.


The APM process helped the company in aligning application portfolios with business priorities, planning for strategic IT investments, optimizing the enterprise-wide application portfolio, and reducing costs. It facilitated implementation of shared services and reduction in time-to-market.