Interim CTO for a hot technology startup

Business Requirement

A newly formed hot technology startup in the video search and auto-tagging space was looking for an individual in the CTO role to provide interim technical leadership and take it off the ground. The startup had a revolutionary technology in hand, but was unable to productize it in a way that could generate a lot of value for them.


We were engaged to take complete ownership of these challenges and work collaboratively with the business leadership in deciding the future direction. We evaluated the technology and suggested three different product concepts, one for the B2C segment and the other two for B2B. This involved thorough analysis of the market needs and a detailed product design that could appeal to potential customers. Based on these product concepts, we jointly worked with the business leadership in developing their business plans. We provided our expertise in negotiating licensing deals and building alliances with technology partners. We also contributed to funding proposals made to potential investors.


The startup was set on the right course. It got well-defined products it could go to market with. This helped them in building alliances with leading technology companies and getting noticed by the investment community.