Intellectual Property Assessment and Commercialization Roadmap

Business Requirement

A Fortune 500 software technology company with a great history of research and development of disruptive technologies wanted to explore the possiblity of commercializing all those technologies that were being incubated in their labs. If any of them had a potential market, the company was willing to license them out to appropriate parties to take them further.


We were engaged to evaluate these technologies both from technical, as well as, market viability perspective. There were about 40 of such technologies. Some of them were very new while others had their algorithms hardened for as long as ten years. We began our engagement having several discussions with the Intellectual Property owners to understand the key value propositions of those technologies. We followed that up with detailed technical review and thorough market research for commercial potential. Based on this assessment, those technologies that showed promise in the prevailing business environment were recommended for commercialization. We developed the commercialization roadmap and also helped in identifying licensing candidates. In some cases, the recommended product was a combination of multiple technologies.


The assessment helped the company in identifying the right candidates for commercialization. It also helped them plan out future R&D investments. Though it could not be quantified at that time, the biggest benefit was expected to come out a few years down the road after these technologies achieved commercial success.