Data review and statistical analysis tool

Business Requirement

A healthcare advisory firm intended to develop the ability to conduct a data review and statistical analysis for its pharmaceutical customers that resulted in suggested significant loss unit and percentage values to be used in the sample reconciliation process.


We were brought in to first validate’s suitability and then build the solution on it. The effort involved creating custom objects, roles, profiles, page layouts, community branding and validation rules; building new reports, dashboards and workflows; and, developing triggers. VisualForce components were developed for input form entry, formatted results display, questionnaire presentation, response generation from clicks and PDF rendering. Proprietary algorithms were implemented for the statistical analysis provided by the tool.


The application provided the firm’s pharmaceutical customers the capability to assemble, validate and experiment with sample inventory data and relevant company information to ensure it generated the right final metrics for loss thresholds. It allowed the firm to develop and input its own proprietary factors, and configure the application to individual customer’s profiles and sample products.