Member+Provider intake and services

Business Requirement

A premier not-for-profit managed healthcare services provider operating on a home-grown CRM system wanted to transition to a new platform that could enable its member and provider intake processes to easily scale along with its growing membership, manage physician marketing and referrals, and launch a new member/provider services platform to conform to government regulations.


We were first brought in to develop the organization’s CRM strategy, define enterprise architecture and act as trusted advisor to the CTO throughout the implementation effort. Having completed the initial deliverables, we went on to implement member intake processes for all the different types of plans offered by the organization to its members. Standard Salesforce CRM processes were customized and new ones built to enable healthcare-specific lead, opportunity, account and activity management. New case management will be implemented for the member and provider customer services.


The member intake platform has facilitated faster onboarding of members (people under care), efficient tracking of intake activities and real-time visibility into the process. It has eliminated the risk of phasing out the old system. The application has been scaling up without any issues and shows the promise of keeping up with the organization’s growing membership.