Org strategy for a global rollout of patient services and medical inquiries platform

Business Requirement

A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company was embarking on a 3-year global rollout of their CRM platform. The program involved two separate Service cloud implementations for their Patient Services and Medical Inquiries contact centers and one Veeva – a pharma-specific AppExchange-based CRM offering – implementation for their global field representatives. The rollout intended to cover thirty different country-specific business processes. While there were some commonalities between these processes, regional dynamics and compliance requirements necessitated a detailed org strategy.


A set of decision criteria based on business, architectural, organizational, application-specific and Salesforce product innovation considerations was developed. Based on these considerations, a hub-and-spoke type of multi-org design approach was undertaken. Core business processes were identified for harmonization which led to the base set of common configurations and data elements to be propagated through Salesforce-to-Salesforce integration from the Hub org to the Spokes. Governance structure, application template and a managed package approach were specified.


The strategy helped launch the 3-year long program in the right direction, form a core Center of Excellence, and initiate a global process harmonization effort.