Scheduling and engagement management solution

Business Requirement

A healthcare services company providing short-term physician coverage to hospitals during holidays and vacations was looking for a Salesforce-based scheduling and engagement management solution.


We were brought in to build the new solution that automated the physician recruitment and scheduling processes, and helped manage the sales pipeline. Capabilities were built for managing physicians’ schedules and licenses. The latter also involved keeping tab on their renewals. Sales cloud features were customized to track physician requests (sales leads) from the hospital. Custom components were built to match those requests with physicians’ availabilities. Technically, the effort involved building custom objects, profiles, role-based entitlements, validation rules, page layouts, reports, dashboards, workflows, custom VisualForce components, and integration with QuickBooks for billing and accounting.


The automated solution gave the services company a complete handle on all the processes it was executing manually until then. It granted them a visibility into the pipeline and the ability to optimize their resource pool of physicians on multiple engagements. It also enabled tracking of physicians’ billable hours for payment.